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France is a Small World

After recovering from our jet lag and trip to the local store, E.Leclerc,  we were ready for France, and went to Bayeux to Adrienne O’Donoghue’s home. She’s one of the owners of Albion Voyages, a Normandy based company providing luxury transportation and expert guide services in the area.



During our email correspondence to arrange all the transport, we discovered that Adrienne is actually a native of Greenville, South Carolina. The world is truly small when you end up arranging transportation in France with someone from your home state. Adrienne kindly invited our crew to her own home for a phenomenal lunch.



Bayeux is a beautiful town that escaped the bombing of WWII even though it’s less than five miles from the D-Day beaches. Adrienne’s home is a tall, exquisite, miniature castle over five hundred years old, complete with slits in the exterior for arches, in the middle of town. Once she knew of our family’s interest in the story of the Huguenots, Adrienne had also invited a local historian and his wife, both from the United States.


After a glass of wine (or two), we violated the most sacred of rules governing guests and discussed both religion and politics. Not sex though. We do have some scruples. None of us living on either side of the Atlantic could explain the perplexing appeal of Donald Trump.

Next post will be our tour of Château de Balleroy. Stay tuned!

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