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Horsin’ Around

Ever since this little filly came into the world, I’ve been waiting for her to be back in the pasture where I first laid eyes on her.  I was on a mission each day I drove into town.  Once I was close to the pasture, I’d eyeball the best area to pull over and snap a shot or ten.

Finally, this week, she appeared in the pasture but always seemed out of reach.  Now, as a horse owner, I knew better to climb between the barbed wire to get a closer shot.  Even though she is fuzzy and has the brand new horse smell, Mom was within stampede distance.  As you can see below, Mom didn’t look too happy that I was staring at her young.

Curiosity kills more than just fuzzy paper weights {cats}, and this little fuzzy ray of sunshine wanted to be my friend.  If she would let me lay my hands on her, I’d love her up.  Yep!

This afternoon, Mom allowed a close encounter, a feeling of a peace offering.  Hopefully she could feel the love I have for a horse.

And then just like that, they galloped to the other side of the pasture.

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