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Welcome to the Shoot Y’all Photography blog. This is where I will reveal ‘Through My Lens’ sessions, and keep you up to date on the latest news.

The Hub and Moonshiners

In the mountains of North Carolina, Graham County, to be exact, there stands a kickass restaurant. The Hub has all the feels of a 50’s diner. The food is phenomenal, the staff are friendly, and the atmosphere has a feeling of home.

Off of the diner is an outdoor area, full of mountain charm,

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Phone Case Options Through SmugMug

Hope this post finds y ‘all doing well. I’ m excited to announce that you can now purchase slim and hard body cases for your iPhone or Android through SmugMug.

From SmugMug……
We’re now offering phone cases that can be customized with your favorite images giving you an unbeatable look that will make your friends jealous and keep

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A Journey to Find Our Huguenot Ancestors


Wisely, we hired a van to take us to Dieppe, where we hoped to find a hint of an ancestor: Nicolas Postel (or Potel, or Postell). This man, along with his wife, Marie Brugnet, and son Jean, were Huguenots. These Protestants, followers of Jean Calvin, were persecuted by the Catholic majority in France,

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The Beauty of Honfleur

Honfleur. What can you say about Honfleur that hasn’t been demonstrated in gorgeous paintings by the Impressionists?

Paintings and our pictures do not do it justice. It is beautiful, impeccable, not a sterile tourist town, but a warm, welcoming village tempting all to spend the day drinking coffee and eating croissants.

The French love

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Château de Balleroy and Saint-Lô

Our first up close look at a castle was the Château de Balleroy, owned by the Forbes family. It sits in the town of the same name, the castle and town built of beautiful beige stone. The grounds were spectacular, and what we saw of the house was as well. Taking pictures inside Château de

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France is a Small World

After recovering from our jet lag and trip to the local store, E.Leclerc,  we were ready for France, and went to Bayeux to Adrienne O’Donoghue’s home. She’s one of the owners of Albion Voyages, a Normandy based company providing luxury transportation and expert guide services in the area.

During our email correspondence to arrange

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Chateau d’Argouges

Chateau d’Argouges was at the end of a gravel drive on acres of greenery. With the beige stone walls, it resembled Cinderella’s castle, complete with pointed turrets, quoins, and massive chimneys. Inside it was furnished with antiques, comfortable beds, and everything you would need in the kitchen, including some stainless steel tools none of

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France: Let the Adventure Begin

The first of many posts covering my family trip to France. I asked my sister, LK Clement, an author, to write the posts, while I provide the photographs. Since we both have a very similar sense of humor, I knew her words would be epic!

Some would say it’s a sign of dementia to

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James Carothers – Country Music is Alive

During my last visit to Nashville, I had the opportunity to take in some James Carothers, while he was performing at George Jones Museum. If you ‘ve never heard him sing, you’ ve got to give him a listen!! ‘I Must Be Alive’ is one of my favorite songs. You can purchase it on iTunes from his album Honky Tonk Land.


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Don’t Blink

It was February, 2014, when the “C” word was uttered. My sweet daddy was diagnosed with Stage 4 Follicular Lymphoma. His Oncologist attributed this awful disease to Agent Orange exposure in 1969, while serving his country in Vietnam.

My daddy ‘s story is not an ordinary one. He entered the U.S. Navy in 1956 as a non-commissioned officer. While serving in Morocco, he was commissioned to the Officer Corps. The day he received his commission was one of the happiest times of his life. He was most proud of the hard work he applied daily to obtain his goal to become an Officer in the U.S. Navy.

Fast forward to June, 2014. My daddy rang the bell that hung in the infusion room of the Oncology Center. It was a proud moment and we just knew that daddy had kicked cancer to the curb. Smiles and clapping from all the other patients was a moving experience.

August, 2014, blood tests revealed the cancer was back, and more aggressive than his doctor had expected. What a enormous blow to my daddy. To my mother. To me. To our family. We do what we always do. We pushed the bad news aside and focused on the next steps.

After several stays in the hospital, my daddy told me that he would continue to fight. Even though he was emotionally and physically drained, he had the strength to keep fighting. Just another reason why my daddy has been such a huge role model, even at my age. My daddy lived his life, accepting of all, no matter their social class or color. He believed that life was black and white; no grey. Choices you made were either right or wrong; no in between. He always told me that you are only as good as your word and the true character of an individual would shine through with how they treated people and animals. So true!

My daddy cried at the movie “Terms of Endearment”. He was fluent in sarcasm, had quick wit and was happy with the smallest of things. His love for my mom, me and the family was shown. He was a man of action, not words. He believed in equality and told me and my siblings we could do or be anything that we wanted. He encouraged success. He loved tending to his landscaping and was a master at creating rich compost.

My dad taught me what a real man is. My dad and mom showed me what true love is. My parents did everything together. They enjoyed each others company. My mom spent every day and night with my daddy while he was hospitalized. I’ m so very thankful to have found the same kind of love my

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